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Enjoy Your Lean & Healthy Membership!


Healthy inside, Pretty outside

Jump start your weight loss with Dr. Zheng

Join us to learn how to keep your liver healthy and live a long beautiful life...

Fists in Solidarity

How to Become a Member

1. Sign the Contract

Please read and electronically sign the Lean & Healthy Membership agreement

You can also request the Lean & Healthy Membership agreement via email or sign it directly at the practice during your next visit.

2. Fill in the Enrollment Form

Once you signed the agreement, please fill in the
Enrollment Form

3. Call us to make your first appointment

Congratulations! You are now a new member of Dr Zheng's New "Lean & Healthy" program and can enjoy all your member benefits.

Monthly Membership Fee

Weight management and/or fatty liver

Age 18-30                                                                                              $50

Age 31-50                                                                                              $75

Age 51-60                                                                                              $100

One time registration fee                                                                       $150

*All Members receive complementary FibroScan every 6 months to monitor your liver non invasively


Experience the best non surgical weight loss experience for you and your loved ones! 

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