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Fatty Liver/NASH Resources

Dr. Zheng has special interest and experience in fatty liver and NASH.  She has focuses on liver health in three ways:

- Improve accessibility of screening and early intervention of fatty liver disease/NASH

- Increase awareness among patients and health care providers for this Liver Disease pandemic 

- Provide tools for early intervention and help avoid the painful consequences of chronic liver disease like hospital stay, liver transplant, and liver cancer.

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Liver FibroScan

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What is FibroScan?

FibroScan is a non-invasive technology that quickly provides a quantitative assessment of liver stiffness and liver fat at the point of care. As part of an overall patient assessment, FibroScan-based scores can be used to efficiently rule out the need for further assessment, like a painful liver biopsy, saving time and resources for people who do not require additional assessment for end-stage liver disease.


Is it painful? No.

FibroScan examinations are painless, quick, and easy. During measurement, you will feel a slight vibration on the skin at the tip of the probe.

What will the FibroScan

examination be like?

You will lie on your back, with your right leg crossed over your left leg and with your right arm raised behind your head. This is to allow easy exposure to the intercostal spaces (spaces between your ribs) for the probe to effectively scan your liver. Your healthcare provider will apply a water-based gel to the skin and then place the probe on the right side of your ribcage. Your healthcare provider will quickly produce 10 measurements during the FibroScan examination. These measurements will be used to establish an overall stiffness score.

FibroScan probes are adapted to fit most body-types and to all ages, from pediatric to adults. FibroScan examinations can take as little as ten minutes to complete.

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No Health Insurance? Worried about your coverage?
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