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Dr Zheng's team helps healthier eating habits become second nature.

You’ll learn to listen to your body and feel when you’re stomach is full. The weight loss can start immediately, but the habit building continues for an entire year.

What to expect after Procedure

Going home: You should be able to leave the out patient surgical center a couple of hours after your procedure.

Weight loss:

  • You may not feel hungry for the first couple of weeks, leading to rapid weight loss. 

  • Most patients lose about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight while the balloon is in place.

  • Maintaining the lower body weight depends on your commitment to your diet and exercise plan.


A dietitian will meet with you once a month to help you stay on track.

  • First three to seven days: You will be on a liquid diet that includes water, herbal tea, fruit juice, nonfat milk and decaf coffee. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine.

  • Within a week: You can start eating blended soup, yogurt and other soft foods. Eat about a half a cup of food four to five times a day. Even though you may not feel hungry yet, eat regularly. Stop or slow down if you feel discomfort.

  • Within two to three weeks: You should be able to eat most foods. Chew well and have four to five small meals a day. Drink plenty of water after each meal.

  • After a month: Your appetite will keep growing and you will gradually tolerate more foods. Stay on a nutrient-rich diet.

  • After about three months: Your weight loss will level off. The focus will shift to maintaining your weight. Use your food diary to track what you eat and stick to a diet that has worked. You can generally eat a wider variety of foods than people who have had bariatric surgery.

  • Download the EndoBariatric Dietary Guidebook here


  • Early on: Take it easy the first few days. Start light activity as soon as you feel well enough. Nausea may make exercise difficult for the first week. If it persists, anti-nausea medication may help you get started.

  • Within a week or two: Do at least 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise such as walking, biking or water aerobics. Combine it with weight training. Your care team will help you develop an exercise program that fits your needs.

  • After the balloon is removed: You may need to slightly increase exercise. Feeling hungry more often could lead you to consume more calories. 


You will take daily multivitamins and calcium supplements while the balloon is in. You may not need them after the balloon is removed.

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The Support you Need

Along with Orbera™, proper diet and exercise are required to achieve the best results. The gastric balloon will retrain your body to manage good portion control.

Option 1

Apollo Care is a tool that gives you convenient access to a virtual support team of nutritionists and dietitians via your phone or tablet. 

Customer Service Rep

Option 2

Join our "Lean and Healthy" membership. Your onsite personal support staff is ready to help guide you, keep you motivated, give you nutritional counseling and keep you on track to a healthy, energetic, slimmer you.

Holding Hands

Changing your habits

For the six months the Orbera® balloon is inside your stomach, reducing the amount you can eat, and re-training your brain to better anticipate when your stomach is getting full.

It’s during this time that open and constant communication with your support team is crucial to maximizing the benefits of Orbera®. This means regular face-to-face sessions with your treatment team, dietician, fitness trainer, psychologist and doctor.

During these first six months, with the stomach balloon and support team working in tandem, patients see the most drastic results - Losing 20 to 50 pounds (sometimes even more).

Continued support & coaching

For the remaining six months of the program, you’ll continue working closely with your Specialist to follow a personalized diet and exercise program.

At an additional cost, you can access Apollo Care, a tool that gives you convenient access to a virtual support team of nutritionists and dietitians via your phone or tablet.  Alternatively, you can join our Lean & Health membership program to have all the support onsite in our office.

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