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Enjoy Your Lean & Healthy Membership!


Healthy inside, Pretty outside

Jump start your weight loss with Dr. Zheng

Join us to learn how to keep your liver healthy and live a long beautiful life...

Fists in Solidarity

In addition to EndoBariatric procedure12 month medically managed support program is required to keep the weight off for long term results. 

Apollo Care is a tool that gives you convenient access to a virtual support team of nutritionists and dietitians via your phone or tablet. 


Alternatively, if you prefer to have all the support onsite in our office, you can join our Lean & Healthy membership program designed for you!

How to Become a Member

1. Email or call us to set up your first virtual consultation for FREE

 Please fill in the Enrollment Form

* available 7/1/2022

2. Sign the Contract

Please read and electronically sign the Lean & Healthy Membership agreement

You can also request the Lean & Healthy Membership agreement via email or sign it directly at the practice during your next visit.

3. Contact us to make your future appointments




You are now a new member of Dr Zheng's New "Lean & Healthy" program and can enjoy all your member benefits, including member's only phone # to reach Dr Zheng's team ANYTIME!

Monthly Membership Fee

Weight management and/or fatty liver

Monthly fee                                                                                           $100

One time registration fee                                                                          $150

*All Members receive complementary FibroScan every 6 months to monitor your liver non invasively


Experience the best non surgical weight loss experience for you and your loved ones! 

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