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Community Outreach

" Become an Influencer"...

Dr. Zheng is devoted to health and well being of our community

Holding Hands

Green Grocery shopping with Dr Zheng


Eat Healthy

Reset Your Gut

Reset Your Liver

Reset Your Life

Join Grocery Shopping with Dr. Zheng and explore solutions to your healthy diet

Vegetable Basket

Everyone can do it Hike/Walk with Dr Zheng

More of any physical activity tied to longer life

Research clearly shows that increasing physical activity, regardless of intensity, relates to a significantly lower risk of dying. Even light exercise, such as walking, can make a difference.

Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity, Mayo Clinic

Even taking a simple walk can make a difference to a person's longevity.

So Join Dr. Zheng for a walk/hike. Be it a sunrise hike @ many of the trails in east bay open space, or the beautiful relaxing walk at sunset, options are unlimited. 


Contact us for suggestions !


Healthy Cooking with Dr Zheng

Bridge into the Woods

Steaming cooks food with hot vapor; the food has no contact with the boiling liquid, nutrients aren’t leached out into the surrounding liquid 

One of the biggest advantages of steaming—it keeps the flavor of the food pure.

Join Dr. Zheng and explore various options of flavoring aromatics

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