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Dr. Zheng believes that every patient should have access to modern medical advancements when getting care. Along with traditional GI procedures, our office offers Genetic testing/screening, cutting edge FibroScan technology to detect liver disease, as well as giving patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials

Besides Top Quality, What Else Sets Us Apart?

Personalized care accessible to each patient, with options for in-person office visits or online/virtual visits

Same or next day appointments, even night and weekends

Strong team: our medical assistants have B.S and above degree. Vivian and Felicia are applying for medical school, Kimberly and Sabrina are planning to apply for PA school.

Zero or Minimal time spent in waiting room. Simply come in and we'll get started right away

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Colon cancer is preventable. Don't wait until it's too late. 

Let’s face it, you’re busy. Whether you’re running a company or running your family, time is of the essence. Because your care is our first priority, we’ve tailored our practice just for our patients who simply don’t have time to stop life for their GI issues. 

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What Patients Can Benefit Most? 

While we believe that the close patient-provider relationship is valuable for everyone, we’ve tailored our practice to align with certain lifestyles perfectly. You’ve definitely found the right doctor if any or all of the following statements apply to you. 

  • You cannot afford to take time off due to cancer, medical issues, or chronic pain. 

  • You live an incredibly busy lifestyle, and sitting in a waiting room for hours is impossible. 

  • Someone you care about cannot access adequate care, and you want to provide the best service delivered right to them.

  • You recognize the importance of maintaining good health and preventative care like colon cancer screenings.

  • You are sick of paying hundreds of dollars for five minutes of your doctor’s time and no personal attention.

  • You want to be able to visit your doctor when it’s convenient for you, how it’s convenient for you.

  • You hate going to the hospital just to get labs done, and waiting for hours in their waiting rooms.

  • You have chronic illnesses that require management like fatty liver /NASH, GERD, Ulcers, or other GI illnesses.

What Do We Do Differently?


Superior Service

  • Direct access to the doctors you work with most means more one-on-one time, with a doctor that knows your case inside and out.

  • Each patient recieves a point of contact in our office that you can reach out to directly. No waiting, no confusion; just a professional experience. 

  • Digestive disease can be confusing and communication is essential to quality care - get your questions answered whenever you have them. 


Unparalleled Convenience

  • We come to you on YOUR schedule. We can meet you just about anytime and either in our office or virtually Just let us know what you prefer.

  • Because we prioritize quality of care over quantity of visits, you’re guaranteed no or minimal waiting room time. You simply come in through the special entrance and we’ll get started right away. 

  • We understand that our patients are busy. That's why you can have appointment during late hours and weekends – we’ll make off peak hours available just for you! 

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